Dental Services for Your Child

Promoting a Positive Experience for Your Child

Going to the dentist as a child can be scary. At Chelsea Dental Group, we strive to make your child’s visit as fun and stress-free as possible. Having an experienced dental team is important to ensuring this positive experience. That’s why we employ highly-skilled staff with a fun, positive energy. We’ll make sure your child is happy, calm and comfortable for any procedure they undergo. 

Small Teeth Need Specialised Care

Our dental team experts know that baby teeth are different from adult teeth and, therefore, should be treated as such. Our dentists are dedicated to excellent oral health in children from infancy to the teen years. We have experience and qualifications to perform dental work on your child’s mouth throughout the stages of their life. 

What We Do

Some of the treatments we provide to children include oral exams, fluoride treatments, cleanings, tooth repair and dental injury care. 

We bulk bill all eligible children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule. 

Let’s get you smiling again.