Protecting Your Gums

Are Your Gums at Risk?

Keeping your gums healthy is essential to maintaining the health of surrounding teeth. When plaque and bacteria build up on your teeth above and below the gum line, your teeth and gums are more susceptible to disease and decay.

Gingivitis, a potentially severe gum disease, attacks your gums and bones that support your teeth. This may lead to tooth loss if untreated. Many people who have gingivitis are unaware that they even have it. Chelsea Dental Group has the knowledge and experience to educate you and to keep gum disease from impacting your oral health.

What to Look For

The signs of gum disease may start as small and insignificant. For example, you may notice that your gums bleed when you floss or brush your teeth. The more serious symptoms of gum disease may include:

- Receding gum line

- Swollen or tender gums

- Bad breath

- Deep pockets between gums and teeth

- Loose or shifting teeth

- Change in bite

If you feel that any of the above conditions describe your oral state, please call the friendly team at Chelsea Dental Group to make an appointment.

Let’s get you smiling again.