Regular Examinations

Receive Regular Dental Examinations in Chelsea

What to Expect

Assess Overall Health

When you first meet with our friendly team, we’ll go over your oral health history and discuss any concerns you may have. From there, our dentist will check your gums, teeth and jaw for any issues that may require further assessment.

Demonstrate Proper Technique

During your appointment, we’ll instruct you on the proper methods of how to brush and floss even hard-to-access areas of your mouth. At this time, we can also offer recommendations for specific products and treatments, such as electric toothbrushes and fluoride.

Perform Diagnostic Tests

If your dentist suspects an issue, he may request further diagnostic procedures, including X-rays. An X-ray can give your dentist a detailed image of your mouth to better diagnose your bite, a specific tooth or your overall mouth.

As a locally owned and operated company, we focus on attention to detail

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