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Durable Dental Inlays and Onlays in Chelsea

Why Get an Inlay or Onlay?

A Great Alternative to Fillings or Crowns

Inlays and onlays are a cost-effective alternative to fillings because our dentists can preserve more of your natural tooth. Your teeth will also be stronger and will resist hot or cold foods better. They have a more natural look and seamlessly contour to your healthy gums.

The Basics of Inlays

When you repair a decayed or damaged tooth with a dental inlay, you restore the chewing surface of your tooth. Not only that, but we can create a customised porcelain inlay, based on an impression of your tooth, that will match the colour of your natural teeth exactly.

The Basics of Onlays

A dental restoration that involves the entire biting surface of your teeth is considered an onlay. These structures are also custom made to perfectly fit in your mouth between your other teeth. After a few visits, our dentist can install a permanent onlay and bond and polish it onto your teeth.

Experience the Benefits

Some of the most notable benefits of inlays and onlays are that they require the same regular dental attention as all of your other teeth. They’re easy to clean, natural in colour, true to size and stable amongst other teeth. They also preserve the healthy part of your tooth to provide you with greater dental longevity.

Our dental service is both prompt and reliable

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